What's keeping you up at night?

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Chances are if you are of a certain age, you may not sleep through the night.  But, do you know why?

Here are some tips on how you can catch some uninterrupted ZZZ's.

If you are sleeping with a toss and turner, you may want to consider separate beds, that includes booting your nocturnally active pets out of bed.

Get rid of unnatural light, such as clocks and appliances that emit artificial light. If you live in an area where lights shine through your bedroom, consider room-darkening shades.

Sound including ticking clocks, or a dripping faucet may also disrupt your sleep, and if you have noisy neighbors try a white noise machine. 

If your bed or pillow are a problem, it may be time to try a few before you settle.  And, remember that you spend a third of your life in bed when making that decision.

Sleep disorders plague many, and if you suffer from sleep apnea, there is hope and treatment.  Check with your physician to see if you are a candidate for a sleep lab study or treatment.


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