Tips for Suncoast mothers on when should your child learn to walk.

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Dr. Allison Brindle of Cleveland Clinic Children's says, "The important thing that we need to remember as parents is that normal childhood development usually covers a range. So, we say "a child should walk by age 1, or 12 months," but some kids may be walking at 9 or 10 months and some children may not walk until 13 months."

Brindle says an otherwise healthy child should be walking independently by 12 months.

If they get to 13 months it should not be concerning, especially if they're making other developmental gains like crawling or pulling themselves up on furniture. To encourage your child's walking development, Dr. Brindle recommends getting down on the floor and maybe put a toy just out of their reach.

"So, we have to give them opportunities and play to practice the skills we want them to develop."

Brindle says to raise a red flag if your child is not making these gains or stops doing something they've done in the past.  She says that's when you should talk to your pediatrician.

"And that's why those visits are so important. it's to make sure your child is growing and developing as anticipated and to give you opportunities to talk with your pediatrician about any questions or concerns that you have."

"Your pediatrician can even help parents come up with ways to promote the development of a skill,"  says Brindle,  "like walking, if you're looking for suggestions."

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