Sugar soft drinks & Diabetes

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Here are some words of warning for those who like soda.

In just the latest study of its kind, we learn drinking even one can of sugar-sweetened soda a day could increase your risk of diabetes.

Researchers in Europe wanted to see if they could duplicate North American studies linking soft drinks and diabetes.

They studied 27,000 people across seven countries.

Writing in the journal "Diabetalogia," they report that forty-three per cent of them developed diabetes.

Those who drank at least one sugar-sweetened soft drink a day had an eighteen per cent higher chance of getting type-two diabetes.

This is consistent with U.S. studies that find drinking soda is associated with a 25 percent increased risk of diabetes.

Sweetened drinks are said to be the largest source of empty calories and processed sugar in both American and European diets.

There was even an association with diet soft drinks and type-two diabetes. But diet-soda drinkers who exercised and who maintained a healthy weight were no more likely to get type-two diabetes than non-soda drinkers.