Natural alternatives for pain

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Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. While many find relief in the form of a pill, there are natural alternatives.

Naturopathic Doctor Kirti Kalidas says you can fight pain without prescription or over-the-counter drugs. "There are plenty of anti-inflammatory out there."

Willow bark contains Salicin Acid. In a study of nearly 200 people with lower back pain, those who received willow bark experienced a significant improvement in pain compared to those who received a placebo. Boil one to two leaves and make a tea when pain sets in. Another way to end the aches? Curcumin.

Used for hundreds of years. The antioxidant a component of turmeric, which can be found in curry. A study shows if used regularly, Curcumin could change DNA regulation to help kill cancer. For joint pain, look to the sea. Research published in nutrition journal found the red seaweed supplement Aquamin, reduced Osteoathritis pain in study participants by 20-percent in one month. For headaches, use the stuff that makes peppers hot capsaicin "It's basically used to get rid of acute pain because it controls the signaling process on the nerves and you can use it in the topical fashion."

A study found migraine patients who applied capsaicin cream inside their nostrils decreased their pain by almost half. The doctor says these natural remedies are great short term solutions for your pain, but if it persists. "We have to look at the root cause."

If you want to avoid the pain from injections at the doctor’s office, try counting backwards from 100 out loud. A Japanese study shows patients who did just that experienced less pain.