Music and your health

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What's your favorite song? What artist gets you pumped up? Who do you listen to when you fall asleep?

From Nikki Minaj to Mozart, new research shows the music you love can have a positive impact your health.

From pop to country and everything in between, music can say a lot about a person. New research finds music has more health benefits than you might think. It can relieve anxiety, increase memory, ease pain, relieve depression and fight addiction. "Music can influence your behavior, your thinking, your emotions," says Galina Mindlin, Md, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University.

The authors of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life say science shows like sex, drugs or great food, music causes the brain to release chemicals like dopamine that are key to addiction and motivation.

"It's affecting your brain waves and your blood chemistry," says Joseph Cardillo, PhD Psychologist and author 'Your Playlist Can Change Your Life'.

To build your own healthy playlist pick your favorite songs. Then figure out how many beats they have per minute.

When you figure out what beats work best in different situations ingrain them in your memory. Then make task-oriented playlists. Fewer beats are good for driving more beats can help you while you exercise or work. "The psychological principle behind this is if you do it over and over again, your mind will automatically bring up that mindset for that particular task."

Kevin Hall has had insomnia since he was thirteen. "Just stared at my ceiling."

Kevin focused on his music five minutes a day and after three weeks he was sleeping eight hours a night. "It's to the point where I don't need the song anymore. I have it recorded in my brain now."

Solving insomnia and other maladies with music.

As for improving memory, the authors say to choose a song from your distant past. It will put your brain into remembering mode and prepare your mind to begin memorizing information.

When you need to recall what you learned, play the song beforehand and you'll be able to remember it quicker. So with that advice, relax and enjoy building your healthy playlist.