Light the Night for a cure

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Blood cancers are the number three cancer killer in North America. While other large cancer organizations target prevention and early detection, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society invests in a cure, because most blood cancers cannot be prevented or detected early. That's why LLS asks supporters to help Light the Night for a cure.

“It took me quite a while to tell people that without laughing - I don't feel like a hero, just feel like somebody who's trying to survive.”

Marti Hill may not feel like a hero, but to others she does indeed show her bravery. That's why this year she's been asked to serve as the honored hero for the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society. “Marti was brought to us by our patient services director and said Marti a beautiful woman, great speaker and a beautiful person to have behalf on Multiple Myeloma.”

For 8 years she's been fighting Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the body's plasma cells. “8 years ago it was so rare I was diagnosed with a Reumatological condition, so it took a year to get correct diagnosis.”

Then Marti underwent a stem cell transplant- which actually put her in remission for two years. She is now in her second remission thanks to new medication. “What the LLS has also done is supported research (I mentioned before the treatment wasn't available when I was diagnosed) and it's because of that research that people with L&L are living a lot longer.”

But research requires money, so Marti is giving back to the Leukemia by Lymphoma Society by spreading the word about light the night- a local fundraising walk. “All money stays within Suncoast chapter, the ten county area here on west coast.”

Over 400 walkers are expected to carry their illuminated balloons and light the night in Lakewood Ranch. “Local vendors have chipped in we'll have food, games for the kids. Face-painting by Ringling School of Art students, it's just going to be a great event.”

The "Light the Night" walk is this Saturday, Nov. 3rd in Lakewood Ranch, near the theaters, registration starts at 5pm. There will be fun for the whole family! If you'd like more info click here.