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In the past two years it has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and on average the most expensive. But, there's a new to get a face-lift without going under the knife.

Pictures taken during her show horse competitions made Patti Murphy self-conscious. "And I felt like my problem area was really just down here."

Tightening creams didn't cut it, but she did not want to get cut. "I don't want this tied behind my ears or anything."

So Patti opted for Lazer-Lift. Cosmetic Surgeon doctor roger bassin says the scalpel-free treatment gives patients. “A facelift result without actually having to do an actual cut and lift."

After a few tiny punctures, the laser melts fat between the skin and muscle and heats deep tissue in the skin. "And thus, that gives you the new collagen and the tightening effect that we're looking for."

It takes up to six-months for the final result. This is Joy Celibrati before Lazer-Lift. This is joy four-months after. "And I could just slowly see week to week, I just felt it like smoothing out and getting tighter. It wasn't like instant."

The doctor says it's best for patients who need more than a little, but not a major lift. "We gotta make sure the patients are the correct candidates for this."

Joy's happy with her results. "I feel more confident."

Patti's hoping for the same.

Doctor Bassin says Lazer-Lift can vary from three to six-thousand dollars. He tells his patients to expect the results to last at least five years, and the procedure can be repeated.

Recovery time for Lazer-Lift is three to four days, compared to a traditional facelift, which can take several weeks.