Beat the heat when the temperature soars on the Suncoast

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This weekend on the Suncoast was a scorcher.

It felt like the triple digits and made outdoor activity difficult.  But, what can you do if you are stuck working outside?  Or if you are participating in an outdoor activity,

Here are a couple of tips to keep you safe when the temperature soars.

Wear loose breathable clothing, try to pick light colors that don't absorb the sun and if possible ones that offer sunscreen protection.

If you are outside for extended periods of time, make sure to bring water and anything that has electrolytes as you will need to hydrate and replenish what you loose.

Try to limit your outdoor activity to the mornings or late afternoon when the sun is less strong.

If you feel lightheaded or dizzy find shade or an air-conditioned area and notify someone.

Sunscreen and a hat are a must to protect your skin.

If you have a tip on beating the heat, I'd love to hear from you.

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