Adventure to Fitness for kids

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Nine million American students are packing on too many pounds, but just as kids are being told to exercise more, they're finding fewer opportunities to break a sweat during the school day. Now, teachers have found a free program to help move the scales in the right direction.

The physical education classes of then are disappearing now.

"Unfortunately with budget cuts, our PE instruction time has been cut," says Tiffany McGinley.

Only six states require the recommended 150 minutes of elementary PE a week and just three states have 20 minutes of mandatory recess a day.

At one school for autistic children, there's one P.E. teacher for all 160 students. This is helping the kids stay active.

Adventure to Fitness is a free interactive workout for kids. It exercises students' bodies and minds.

Adventures that get the kids running, hopping, squatting, and leaping for 30 minutes straight. Mister marc leads adventures for 60-thousand teachers in 11,000 schools. "We're never telling our adventurers, is what we call them, to do a jumping jack, but there is always a reason behind why you might do jumping jacks in one of the episodes, it's because you're cold and your down in a cavern so you need to do jumping jacks in order to get warm."

Luis Hernandez is the lone gym teacher for 800 kids. He says, the program is making a difference. "The kids are more active, they're more, hum, willing to exercise and do things they wouldn't try before."

There's only one rule. Besides losing gym classes, kids are giving up on sports and playing outside. According to the CDC, more than 60-percent of kids, ages nine to 13, do not participate in sports. And worse yet, 23-percent don't engage in any free time physical activity at all.

Adventure to fitness has a home version to get kids moving at night, on the weekends, and over the summer.

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