Goodwill employee finds $12,270 among donated items

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - A Goodwill employee was going through recently donated items when she found $12,270 in cash.

Demetrius "Mimi" Williams, who's worked for Goodwill for almost four years, was working at the location on Honore in Sarasota and was sorting items when she found the stacks of cash. She found the money inside a medicine box and promptly brought it to the attention of her store manager, Dawn Tate.

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Tate counted out the money and then placed the money in the store's safe. Then they worked to trace the money back through their White Glove Service, which helps people who need a home or storage unit emptied when moving, downsizing, or when there's been a loss in the family.

Demetrius "Mimi" Williams

Demetrius "Mimi" Williams

From there, they traced the money to a law firm whose client had passed away and who needed to empty a storage unit full of the late gentleman's belongings, including loose furniture, rugs, and numerous boxes that were full of various possessions.

With the rightful owner identified, the cash was returned to the man's estate.

Goodwill's White Glove Service, which includes the packing and removal of items, is free and assures those who utilize it that their possessions will be treated with respect.

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