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From Sarasota's streets to German TV, the story of Donald Gould keeps getting better

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - The amazing comeback story of a once homeless street performer, which touched people around the world, has an exciting new chapter. Donald Gould went from being homeless to an overnight sensation when he was discovered playing a street piano in downtown Sarasota. Fast forward two years, and ABC7 has learned that he is doing well. In fact, he has found love, is recording new music and keeping busy by making the rounds on German TV. 

Donald ended up in Germany after stories of his remarkable turnaround and his music, spread across the globe. A woman in Germany, Sabine Pérez, tells us she was compelled to contact Donald when his music started having a direct and positive impact on her life.

"I saw the video two years ago when he was performing on the streets. I have a handicapped son which sometimes can be really aggressive and so I played Donald’s music to him and he instantly calmed down. That was pretty amazing to see. So I wrote Donald a message just to tell him what his music did to my boy and tell him thank you also. I never expected him to answer me back - but about seven months later he did! That was the beginning of a wonderful story which still continues," Pérez wrote.  

The couple has been performing together to the delight of audiences, and media outlets in Germany have been taking notice. His most recent appearance was on the ARD network show, "BRISANT." According to Pérez, the couple's most recent recordings include a cover of the classic WWII era song, "Lili Marleen," as well as a song that Donald wrote for Sabine. 

For now, there is music to record and TV sets to visit in Germany, but the couple does hope to visit Sarasota in the future. After all, the Suncoast is where this amazing journey began.