Florida's citrus crop and bee production greatly affected by Hurricane Irma

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SARASOTA, FL. (WWSB) - Here on the Suncoast, many operating citrus groves and shops are hurting because of the storm.

Farmers and fruit growers are now assessing the damage, which will likely be significant.

Here at Fruitville Groves in Sarasota, pumpkins are now the flavor of the month, but they're still dealing with the damage Hurricane Irma has inflicted on Florida's citrus industry. Owner Kim White says,

"in many areas, anywhere from mildly affected to severely affected."

Her crops were severely affected. 16-acres of citrus trees are completely bare.

White says the damage it's done is unprecedented.

"with all of that wind, it literally shakes all the green fruit right off the trees."

"it's to the point of being devastating for some."

Not only were citrus groves affected, but bee hives were affected as well. Honey bees are used to pollinate many of Florida's state crops says Sarasota company "My Sweetest Honey" owner Shaun Knepp.

"they pollinate everything they're near, so without that the whole world would collapse."

He says although flood waters destroyed many bee hives around the state, there's still a light at the end of the tunnel.

"fortunately the bee population i feel is doing quite fine. they proliferate like rabbits so while we may quite often have severe losses, we could quadruple our numbers every year if we like.

But as for crops, it may take a bit longer says White.

"it might take as many as two to three years to get everything back up to the original quantities that we had Pre-Hurricane Irma because it was really that affecting."