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Florida could eliminate daylight saving time

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Daylight saving time could soon be eliminated in the state of Florida. Sarasota's State Senator Greg Steube has filed a bill in the State Senate, and with a similar bill expected to soon follow in the State House, these changes could happen as soon as March.

It started as a conversation at the barber shop, Steube says.

"They said why is it that we have to change our clocks back? We don't appreciate it at all. We don't like it. It's a pain," Steube said.

He told them he'd look into it.

"So I filed a bill, and I've been amazed at how much the public is in support of doing away with changing the clocks back," Steube said.

The question now is: Do Floridians want to spend the year in daylight saving time, spring season hours, or standard time, what we're experiencing outside right now?

Steube says he's heard from some of the Floridians on the panhandle that they'd like to be a part of the Eastern Time Zone not Central Time Zone. He says that could be a part of the change as well.