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First Alert Weather: Warm weather brings out this dangerous critter at Lakewood Ranch

SARASOTA FL (WWSB) -  On Tuesday at 3 p.m. Jeremy Egglefield and his wife were walking on a nature trail in a Lakewood Ranch neighborhood when they came across a large Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Jeremy, who is a native of Sarasota, said he has never seen a snake during his many strolls at the nature trail but on this day he did and it was a big one!

As the venomous reptile slithered through the leaves and across the trail Jeremy kept his phone rolling capturing this amazing video of this pit viper enjoying this warmer then usual weather.

Typically snakes and other cold blooded reptiles usually are not on the move as much during these normally colder months as they are conserving their energy, but maybe due to the recent string of 80 degree temperatures they may be a little more active.

This nature trail is a popular trail for dog walking.  So if your taking your pet for a walk anywhere along the Suncoast be mindful that these guys may be a little more active than normal.

Information from Wikipedia.

Crotalus adamanteus is a pit viper species found in the southeastern United States. It is the heaviest though not the longest venomous snake in the Americas and the largest rattlesnake. No subspecies are currently recognized. Wikipedia

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