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First Alert Weather: Storms inland today as red tide returns

With a light wind once again today, we can expect a sea breeze to develop in the afternoon. There is plenty of moisture in the atmosphere now so with the sea breeze front and a little heating we should see thunderstorms build in the afternoon east of the interstate. It’s possible that some storms may build back to the coast, but the vast majority of the heavier rains will be inland.

Red tide is back. Samples have shown rising concentrations in the waters and observers report irritants in the air. With the sea breeze building the winds shift west and some irritants will drift closer to shore. The most intense concentrations seem to be from Lido Beach southward. USF research shows the drift of the red tide to be mostly south. In the model below the X is the initial position.

High temperatures today will be similar to the last few days.

John Scalzi