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Farmer's Market and other events moved from downtown Venice

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - For 20 years the Venice Farmers Market has been a staple of downtown. But, in just a short time it'll be moving, although temporarily, a few blocks away.

"It's a great part of our business. We have a lot of fun, we do really well there," said Natalie Nugent.

Nugent is the General Manager of Venetian Coffee Roasters. For them, the market is critical. Their business is not located in downtown so the weekly farmers market is a chance to draw in new business.

It's not just market though. Four of Venice's biggest events are having to be relocated while downtown roads and sidewalks are torn up and revitalized.

"Don't be afraid because of the reconstruction. We're actually going to try to make it more fun," said Erin Silk.

Silk is the CEO of Venice Main Street. She tells us the events are moving to behind City Hall, which isn't a far distance. But, it's not directly in front of businesses on Venice Avenue either. That seems to be creating a bit of a worry that some may stay away during the already slow summer months.

"We're combating the thought that it might even be slower by doing these promotions and encouraging our local community," Silk said.

Incentive is being added to the calendar to draw people through the construction areas into downtown shops.

"We'll have a 'Jazz on the Avenue' with jazz musicians throughout town. Two wine walks and a barstool open," Silk said.

As for Venetian Coffee Roasters… they're hoping to brew up business at the temporary market location.

"If you go to the farmers market where it currently is you'll almost be able to see where it will be. So, we're hoping people still show up," Nugent said.

Construction is set to begin in April and end sometime around November. After that, events will move back to their original locations.