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Family pushing for changes following hit and run near school bus stop in Venice

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Some say one area is too dangerous for a school bus stop.  One local family says they experienced the danger first hand and continues their push for a change.

"It was really scary for me," said Nate Whitehead, a 6th grade student at Venice Middle School.

The 11-year-old had a very frightening moment last Tuesday when he says that he was struck by a hit and run driver while riding his bike home from the school bus stop at Manasota Beach Road and Venisota Road.

"I was riding home and a person came up behind me and hit my wheel, then hit my hip and flew off basically," said Nate Whitehead.  "When it hit my hip I went head over heels into a ditch."

Nate tells us he did suffer minor injuries.  His mom Melissa says this is a very dangerous place to put a school bus stop.

"I think they need to move it somewhere else," said Melissa Whitehead.  "I don't think it needs to be after a blind curve, the first road after a blind curve where people are going so fast.

Melissa Whitehead has contacted the Sarasota County School District about this problem and she was just informed that her son should be using a different school bus stop at Overbrook Road and Forked Creek Drive, which she says is a little further away from her Englewood home and just as dangerous.  Either way she hopes that the school district takes action with this Manasota Bearch Road bus stop before someone else gets hurt.

"I don't feel safe for my child getting dropped off at this location," said Melissa.

In a text message that we had received from the Sarasota County School District, in part it says "The school district will look into this matter as quickly as possible to ensure the family has options to get their son home from school as safely as possible.  We are thankful he didn't sustain major injuries as a result of a hit and run on his way home after he left the bus stop."  The hit and run driver still remains at large.  The Whiteheads are hopeful that the vehicle and the driver involved will be found soon.

"I think they should put the bus stop at a safer location and maybe even put in sidewalks," said Nate.

SU: Since the Sarasota County School District is on spring break, there was nobody available to come on camera to comment about this. The students and the buses return to school on Monday April 2nd.