Earthship lands in Myakka City

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MYAKKA CITY, FL (WWSB) - Florida's first ever Earthship is coming to the Suncoast.

At the end of 53rd Avenue East in Myakka City, you'll find a structure that has been sitting vacant for the last eight years. Now, Earthship 360 is turning that space into a home for simple, sustainable living.

"Our focus is to reuse and also reduce our impact on our environment and use what people may call trash to build with," co-founder Will Barnett says.

Right now, crews are working on the structural shell of the space using old tires, bottles, cans and cement made out of sand and shells from the Suncoast.

Tires are the main component of the structure. They are filled with Earth forming 400 lb bricks.

All supplies are found within 100 miles of the project site.

When the Earthship is finished, it will fully-serve itself.

"It'll be off grid which means solar panels and wind turbines," Jennifer Ventresca, project manager says. "All of the front of the property will be really great farm land, so farming, agriculture, beekeeping and permaculture."

The project is privately owned and funded, so what the building is used for once completed is completely up to the owners. The hope is that it will become an Earthship School and Permaculture Institute.

If you want to volunteer or learn more about Earthship 360, click here.