Living Green: Sustainable Floridians Program

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Your local extension service is a rich source of information when it comes to your home, your yard and the plants and animals we share them with. Next month, Sarasota County's Extension Service will be offering a new training program for those who want to learn more about sustainability and then pass that knowledge on to others.

The Florida friendly landscaping outside the Sarasota County Extension Service is full of life. It's an environment that thrives in our climate without excessive watering. Just one example of sustainability.

"Sustainability to me is about being sure that resources are available for a thriving, happy life for our next generation and it's also so much about our own personal choices as we move toward sustainability as a community," says County Extension Director Van Linkous.

Beginning next month, Extension Director Linkous and community development agent JP Gellermann will teach an 8 week course that will create sustainability ambassadors. Course graduates will help the Extension Service educate others about energy use, land use, transportation and other topics related to sustainability.

"There's the social side like leadership, the environmental side, water, land use and then we also talk about the economic side, so it gives participants a complete education about some of the issues in sustainability," says Linkous.

The Sustainable Floridians Program begins on September 12th and will meet every Wednesday through October. If you'd like to sign up for the course or learn more about it, click here: