Living Green: Sustainable communities workshop

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SARASOTA - Sarasota County is among the leaders in Florida when it comes to sustainability. Each year, the county hosts a sustainable communities workshop to talk about that effort and carry it into the future.

The day long workshop happened Tuesday at the Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida facility, where green leaders from around the state and the community came together to talk about sustainability innovations.

Organizations and businesses that use or sell sustainable products and services were there as well. And environmentally friendly cars like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf were on display.

Organizers hope the community will continue to see value in keeping the sustainable movement moving ahead. "A theme that we're hearing today is resilience. So it’s an important concept of being a resilient and vital community, it’s about economic development, it’s about social prosperity, and it’s about environmental protection. So finding the balance and the opportunities for win-win in between all three of those," said Sarasota County sustainability manager Lee Hayes Byron.

This was the 7th annual sustainable communities workshop.