Living Green: Master Gardeners Plant Sale

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A Florida Friendly yard looks beautiful and needs very little water to thrive and homeowners can learn how to create their own backyard paradise this weekend at an annual plant show. Sarasota's Karen Pariser has always loved gardening. "This is a Moringa plant and this is grown all over the world as an edible food source, it seems to be flowering, its beautiful," says Pariser.

The retired speech pathologist dug deeper into her passion for plants when she moved to Florida and became a master gardener. "And we'll have many of these staghorn ferns for sale, they're just fantastic, you can see they're healthy and starting to grow," says Pariser.

Her yard is filled with Florida Friendly plants and its obvious, they are thriving under her care. Something she says anyone can copy. "So when you with Florida Friendly plants, your success rate is much better, things grow here, they can take the frost, they can take the heat, they can take humidity, so I think that Florida Friendly, if you don't have finances to replace your plants every couple of years, that's the way to go," says Pariser.

Saturday's 8th Annual Sarasota County Master Gardeners Plant Sale will also feature garden décor, items like these decorated mushrooms and new life for old garden tools. Pariser says a garden can be more than just plants.

"Garden design is very important, you should just think about your path and your plantings, if you have a fence, move up the fence and feel free to mount anything you want on that fence, little vinettes are good, this is my iron vinette," says Pariser.

The Sarasota County Master Gardeners Plant Sale

Saturday, October 13th, 8 am until 1 pm

Bee Ridge Park

4430 Lockwood Ridge Rd.