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Donny B Fit - Stretch Zone Method

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Not many thing feel better than taht first stretch of the day just as you awaken. Am I right? Now with Stretch Zone branching out from Miami, the benefits of getting stretched are expanding.

"Stretching increases the flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. It also affects muscles and the connective tissue", says certified Stretch Zone paractitioner, Josh Mauro.

Many of us may have unkind thoughts of stretching prior to practice or games for sporting events, but the Stretch Zone method is not only beneficial to your way of life, but it is also very soothing and relaxing. Forget that mandatory pre-game stretch from the 1950s!

Mauro adds, " This is completly different. Relaxing, therapeutic. We avoid stretch reflex by feeling. Then we loosen it more and go back into the stretch."

Having that certified stretcher there, helps you relax into the stretch, and stretch you more than you could yourself.

"I have always stretched, says Frank DeStasio the owner of Vibology in Bradenton. A Stretch Zone location. "When I stretched myself, I was limited. Having a practitioner there helps push your limits without injury or pain"

Frank DeStasio is the owner at Vibology, which we profiled a few months back. The vibrating machines. DeStasio chose to bring in the Stretch Zone at the behest of west coast Stretch Zone licensees Bob Rustigian and Jennifer Stevens.

"At Vibology we wanted to have the most complete body improvement experience, so Stretch Zone worked for our ideology", adds DeStasio.

Stretch Zone works for anybody. All ages, all body types. Stretch prior to physical activity to enhance performance, and stretch afterwards to prevent stiffness.

"You want balance, flexibility, along with strength. You should stretch before and after to get the maximum benefits. as well", says Mauro.