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Deputies investigating report of man following woman and her children around Target

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PORT CHARLOTTE, FL (WWSB) - Deputies are releasing information about a suspicious man engaging children in conversation in Charlotte County after several social media posts began circulating online.

The sheriff's office was called to Target in Port Charlotte around 8pm on Saturday after a mother with small children reported that earlier in the day, around 11am, a man followed her and her children around the toy aisles, talking to the children about toys.

The mother says she asked the man to leave her alone several times. When he didn't, she got a Target Loss Employee Prevention employee who escorted the woman and her children to her car.

The mother posted about her experience on social media and two other people reached out saying the same thing happened to them. Those two others have not reached out to the sheriff's office.

Deputies went to Target and got video showing the man and his vehicle, though there is no video available showing the man interacting with the woman and her children.

The sheriff's office says that at this time, there's no indication a crime has been committed. However, deputies are looking to identify the man to ask him about the incident.

He's described as white, 5'5" tall, around 50-years-old with grey hair, and was wearing a Hawaiian hook necklace. He left the store in a grey, four-door SUV, possibly a Honda.

Deputies are working to get video from the store's surveillance system and will make it available once they have it.

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