Daughter surprises burglar in bedroom

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SARASOTA, FL   Sarasota Police Detectives are looking for a man who burglarized a home in the city's upscale "West of the Trail" neighborhood near Cherokee Park. The man's heist was interrupted when the mother, grandmother and 6-year old daughter came home from Southside Elementary Tuesday afternoon.

Geraldine Moulton said her daughter went to her room to put on her bathing suit when a man suddenly came in the room, didn't see the girl, and began trying to find a way to escape.  After he walked out of the room and headed toward the front door, he walked past a stunned mother.

"I heard my daughter scream, like a terrifying scream when he was already here and I just ran after him," she recounted.

Geraldine couldn't catch him, and so far police haven't either.

Geraldine says a door was wedged open and several items were stolen--including grandma's purse and passport. She told us in Spanish how she feels.

"I feel very nervous, like I'm going to see this guy again, and we're all sleeping in the same room because we're scared," Luz Barrientos said.

Scared, and a bit scarred as well.

"We've been doing therapy, four sessions so far, and my daughter is doing much better," Moulton said.

The daughter may be doing better, but Geraldine says she won't soon forget.

"It's very shocking to see a strange man in your house, coming out of your six year old daughter's bedroom when you know she was in there changing. It's very very scary. I'm just glad she didn't scream when he was in there, because Lord knows what would have happened," Moulton said.

Police are pursuing leads, but so far have made no arrests.