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93-year-old FL woman said naked man ransacked her home

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EDGEWATER, FL (WESH/CNN) – Authorities said a 93-year-old woman woke up to find a naked man in her bedroom early Friday morning.

Terrified, the woman tearfully called for help.

"There's a man in my bedroom!" The woman screamed to a 911 operator.

Edgewater Police said the suspect, Shawn Plotts, broke into the woman's home and ransacked it.

"The lights are on and – oh my God! He went through all these drawers! Oh, my closet!" the woman said during the 911 call.

"Do you know who the person is?" the 911 operator asked the woman.

"No! He's naked. I screamed and he hollered and he ran out," she answered.

When police arrived, they found the woman's belongings scattered everywhere, and broken glass in the kitchen.

Officers said Plotts also took the woman's TV off the wall.

According to the police report, authorities found a screen on the ground in front of the back door, where police believe Plotts might have entered the home.

Police also found Plott's footprints, an empty candy wrapper, and chocolate smudges on the woman's telephone.

WKMG reported that police found a wet pair of men's underwear outside the home near a window.

Police spotted Plotts walking nearby, and said they found the woman's license, credit cards and car keys in his pocket.

Plotts was wearing only a pair of jeans when police found him, WKMG reported.

He was arrested on multiple charges and taken to jail.

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