College athlete pulled from rip current, now responsive

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Promising news from the father of the college football player who nearly drowned in a rip current.

19-year-old Isaac Griffith, an Indiana University wide receiver, was caught in the waters off Siesta Beach on Monday.  He was placed in what was referred to as a medically induced coma at Sarasota Memorial Hospital to allow time for his lungs to heal.

Isaac's father Shannon says that on Wednesday afternoon, doctors gave the orders to remove him from a ventilator and bring him out of his coma. 

Isaac woke up well and is breathing on his own.  He responded to his name immediately, and moved his hands and feet.  Doctors are now treating Isaac with antibiotics for his lungs.

Hospital officials confirm that Griffith was brought out of heavy sedation and is responding well.

Doctors have upgraded his condition to serious, but stable, and believe he will make a full recovery.

His family issued the following statement:

"This is everything we hoped and prayed for," said Isaac's father Shannon Griffith, who along with his wife Kim have been at their son's bedside since shortly after the accident. "We appreciate all the prayers and kind words we received from friends and followers on Twitter over the past few days – and we are extremely grateful for the caregivers here at Sarasota Memorial. Not only Isaac's doctor, but also the nurses, respiratory therapists and other staff. They took our family under their wings, knowing a big part of our support system was up north, and helped us through this whole experience. We are so very grateful for everything."