Charity sheds light on Sarasota homeless

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SARASOTA--A cardboard box is not the kind of place where you expect to find a kid like Ian Kliner sleeping.

"I'd rather sleep in my bed, but I think it will be fun," said Kliner.

He's sleeping in a cardboard box Saturday night along with others from Sarasota charity Family Promises to highlight the issue of homelessness in the community.

"I know in the last school year we had over nine hundred kids registered in the school system as homeless," said Wendy Fitton of Family Promises.

Saturday night more than one hundred people will be sleeping under the cardboard boxes, to highlight the growing problem in Sarasota.

"I think its important to show everybody how some people actually live," said Andreas Zeitler, who is also sleeping outside.

Just this week, new numbers came out that show almost fifteen hundred people are living in Sarasota without a home.

"Staggering numbers," said Fitton, "however those numbers didn't really even include family units, that was mostly the chronic and single folks that are out there."

Those numbers were released as part of a comprehensive plan aimed at not just understanding homelessness in Sarasota county, but trying to eliminate it.

Dr. Robert Marbut has been hired by the city and county to lead the effort, and these findings were among the first steps when it comes to getting the problem under control.