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Changes to DEP rules have positive effect on city of Venice water customer

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VENICE, Fla. -- Changes of the rules for cross-connection control by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will equal cost savings to residents of the City of Venice.

The changes reflect a desire by the state agency to reduce the burden of installation and testing of backflow prevention assemblies for residential water customers.  Changes to the city’s cross- connection control program include:

• Elimination of the requirement of a high cost backflow preventer (the reduced pressure principal) for residential customers except in hazardous conditions to protect the drinking water.

• Elimination of most above ground installations for residential customers.

• Reduction of annual backflow testing for residential customers to once every two years for testable assemblies.

•  Establishment of approval for non-testable dual check valves for residential services.

• Replacement or refurbishment of residential dual check valves every 10 years.