Certain jobs in demand in Sarasota

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SARASOTA COUNTY  Ryan Plitnick of Englewood starts this month--at the Sarasota County Technical Instutute.

"I want to pursue nursing so I can get a job afterwards," the Lemon Bay graduate said.

He may not have a lot of trouble either.

"Health Sciences is what everyone's clamoring for," he said.

Executive Director of SCTI Todd Bowden says health care is in demand, and so too

is auto service technology. That's in big demand, but there's one thing even bigger.

"Whenever someone comes to me and says 'What's your highest demand?' we've had the highest placement rate with our corrections officer program," Bowden said.

Besides corrections officers, another program is in such demand, local employers came to SCTI asking for help: Precision machinery.

"That program is a direct result of the manufacturers who came to us at SCTI and said, 'We have positions, we have the jobs here in this community, but we're having a hard time finding workers with the skill set that we need,' Bowden said.

Getting that skill set is why Ryan Plitnick is eager to start school August 19th, knowing that his field is also in high demand.

"Feels good that I'm about to get into it, so hopefully, I'll find a job and start my life," he said.

Ryan, and 41 thousand other students district-wide in Sarasota will get started August 19th.