Celebration of Marriage

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VENICE , Fla. - The Saturday after Valentine's Day love was evident as hundreds of couples renewed their vows. The event at the Epiphany Cathedral in Venice celebrated lasting marriages for people of faith. Milestone Anniversaries of 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 50+ years were celebrated as many renewed their love for one another.

Connie and Jim Janks from Port Charlotte have been married 33 years and think they know the secret to a lasting love. The Janks said “give and take, and always say the three things: Thank you, Please and I'm sorry”. The Bishop of the Venice Diocese said this year's event had a great turn out and seven couples married longer than 70 years were in attendance.

George and Eileen Kruzynski are celebrating their 50th Anniversary and said faith has played a major role in their relationship. The Kruzynskis said the secret to how their relationship has lasted so long is “When times are difficult we reach back or reach down into our faith to know that God has always taken care of us in the good times and he will take care of us when things get rough.”