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Business owners happy for the start of snowbird season

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VENICE, FL - (WWSB): At Ciao Gelato they say it's simply the best. It's hard to argue.

"The gelato is out of this world. It's really authentic gelato. But, I really enjoy the coffee," said Sybil Hoffmeyer.

Hoffmeyer is a regular at Ciao. She's also a part-time Venice resident that just got back into town.

"A lot of our regulars, our snowbirds are coming back. We do have a lot of regulars that come in everyday for their coffee and their gelato," said owner Daria Nafziger.

Nafziger sees a pick up in both foot traffic and vehicular traffic.

"Some people will say negative things about the traffic on the street, that to me means business is increasing. So, it's a good thing," said Nafziger.

That increase in vehicles is nothing new for this time of year, especially for Police Chief Tom Mattmuller.

"We will do some targeted enforcement as time goes on and we'll identify areas that need to be addressed we will have targeted enforcement," said Chief Mattmuller.

This snowbird season the police say they are cracking down on texting and driving.

"Distracted driving is very dangerous. The last thing we want is to have people operating a vehicle, 3 or 4,000 lbs vehicle at a high rate of speed," said Chief Mattmuller.

While the traffic is heavier now that it has been over the summer… more and more businesses are finding there is a blurring line between snowbird season and non-snowbird season.

"Venice has really become a destination point. We're seeing a lot more families come down in the summer," said Nafziger.