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Business is booming in Laurel

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LAUREL, FL (WWSB) - It's just about time to open the door to customers at Coffee Breeze, "We're going to be offering coffees, iced drinks, blended drinks, teas, pastries, sandwiches," said owner Alex Vurgic.

The shop is family owned. It may never have happened if it weren't for a turn of fate.

"I was actually looking through a house somewhere over here. I was driving past it and I saw this space and I was always thinking of a coffee shop," Vurgic said.

It wasn't all that long ago that Laurel was a quiet place with people mostly passing through on US 41.

"We thought we were uptown when we got a 7-11," said resident Sandra Terry.

But, over the last year it's expanded rapidly. There's an Aldi's grocery store opening, new banks and even another grocery store.

"We've become the place to be. You know that when you get a Starbucks and a bank on every corner," Terry said.

Sandra Terry is the Executive Director of the Laurel Civic Association. She's happy to have the new businesses because that brings new jobs especially for young people, "there's a need because now teens, 14, 15 and 16 need money."

As for Coffee Breeze… they're happy to have the new Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts too add some competition. And they're already trying to set themselves apart.

"Starbucks is the same everywhere. People aren't educated for what real coffee tastes like and I want to show the people what it really is," Vurgic said.

Coffee Breeze will have a soft opening in a month. The rest of the businesses should be open later this year.