Bradenton man wanted for burglary leads deputies on high speed chase

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BRADENTON, FL- Manatee County Deputies capture a wanted suspect following a car chase.

It happened at the intersection of Lockwood Ridge Road and State Road 70 last night. According to a report, Deputies were called to the intersection to be on the look out for Ryan Lopez.  An active warrant had been issued for Lopez for violating his probation.  The suspect was spotted driving in a car and a deputy attempted to pull him over.  Lopez sped up and tried to outrun the deputy.

A car chase began.  When deputies were able to catch up with Lopez, he crashed his vehicle into a traffic pole at Lockwood Ridge Road and SR 70.  He then got out of his vehicle and ran away.  Deputies caught up with him.

Lopez was handcuffed and put in the back of the patrol car, and transported to the Sheriff's Office.  When the deputy opened the back door of the patrol car, Lopez jumped out and began to run again.  He also managed to get out of the handcuffs placed on him following his arrest.  Deputies used a stun gun to catch him.  He was then taken into the district office and handcuffed to a bench inside.  Once again he managed to escape from the handcuffs.   This time he did not attempt to run away, and he was transported to jail.

He faces Violation of Probation charges.