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Braden River High School students protest dress code today with "Bracott"

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - It's a local story that has made headlines all across the Country.

Today students are walking the halls of Braden River High School differently than they did Friday.

Monday, many students are protesting the school's dress code policy with what their calling a "Bracott".

It's a protest spearheaded by 17 year old Lizzy Martinez.

On April 2, she was told she was being a distraction for not wearing a bra .

She was sent to the office, told to shake her body to prove she wasn't wearing a bra, then was forced to put on two band aids.

The Manatee County School District released a statement saying the incident could have been handled differently.

They also added Martinez did violate the school dress code.

Martinez tells ABC 7 she disagrees.

"You can say anything is distracting because its a very broad term. So I think that's why they put the issue back on the dress code because they realized what they did making me move around and put band-aids on my nipples was completely inappropriate, says Martinez. 

Martinez says out of humiliation and wanting to stand up against body shaming she is asked girl students to leave their bras at home and boy students to put on band-aids April 16th.

Braden River High School sent a message to parents and students Sunday night reminding them that this is a critical time for testing and graduation preparations.

In that message it was also very clear that the school will be strictly abiding by the school dress code policy and wanting to limit any type of disruptions with protest and demonstrations like the "Bracott". 

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