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Botox bust in Bradenton

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - According to the Bradenton Police Department, Diane Danca has been arrested for practicing medicine without a proper license.  

BPD began an undercover operation after receiving an anonymous tip about a woman giving botox injections in her house. 

Police say Danca was performing medical procedures with non FDA regulated and counterfeit botox in her bedroom. The bedroom in her house was made to look like a medical office. 

"It's a big deal because even a botox injection can still lead to serious medical concerns for people. We have regulations and procedures in place to protect patients and she circumvented those rules. And she went around those rules for her own financial gain and that's just wrong," said Lt. Brian Thiers of the Bradenton Police Department. 

The botox she was injecting into her patients was counterfeit and imported. 

Police seized over 100 injection records from Danca's patients, dating back to 2011. 

Danca was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance. 

Police are hoping to hear from more patients/victims to help bolster their criminal investigation. 

Danca posted $1,500 and was released.