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Baby squirrels recovering after falling from tree during Hurricane Irma

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - The Wildlife Center of Venice is playing catch-up right now after an influx of baby squirrels came in post Hurricane Irma. The number, 225 and growing.

Even just a quick look will melt your heart. The tiniest baby squirrels who have been through quiet an ordeal.

"Mother squirrels have several nests. They usually will just move squirrels from one nest to another but when you have a weather event like this it just blows them all out," said volunteer Ivy Smart.

That's where the Wildlife Center steps in. Over 200 of the adorable little guys are all being nursed back to health.

Baby squirrels recovering after falling from tree during Hurricane Irma

"They need to be kept warm and they couldn't stay warm. People would find them and call us, we'd go after them or they'd bring them into us," Smart said.

And, that was during a hurricane. Stephanie Boor is one of the rescuers.

"It's the beginning of squirrel season. The beginning of baby season so it's just poor timing to have a hurricane at the beginning of squirrel season," said Boor.

Timing is key in both the rescue and the rehabilitation. For instance, the squirrels need to not get used to being held.

"We have to re wild them up so-to-speak. We're being real intense with them on feedings… well we need to get them used to the point where they're not used to humans again," said Smart.

Speaking of humans, the Wildlife Center stresses if you find a baby squirrel – the first instinct is to feed it something, but that could be devastating. So, just keep it warm and call for help.

It'll be months before most of the baby squirrels can be re-released into the wild. For the smaller ones, at least three months.