ACA prices. Where are they?

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Comparing health insurance prices is on everyone's mind right now,.. and if you are shopping online getting answers is difficult to say the least.

Aetna, Cigna, Humana and Assurant, are some local providers offering health insurance locally. But if you are now shopping and comparing prices... then you will have to wait, because,their rates have not been disclosed, they're still awaiting approval from the State of Florida, Department of Insurance."

Getting online quotes is challenging, even Florida's licensed health insurance agents are having a hard time. June Busby of Suncoast Benefits was booted off and tried for five hours, before getting some answers on the governments website. "The prices are going to be higher," She said, "I was on for a couple of minutes this morning before I got kicked out of the system, the average price for a forty year old is going to run anywhere between three hundred and twenty dollars and four hundred dollars a month."

These were the posted ACA shop prices, and how does this compare with the same type of coverage you may purchase through an agent?

"Today it could range anywhere from two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty." Said Busby.

You may be an internet wizard, but that will not magically open a window providing answers to your insurance cost questions. but there is one company that has posted price information online for rates both on and off exchange, no other carriers have at this time posted rates for 2014.

Angela Begin, General Manager of 20 Minutes to Fitness in Lakewood Ranch said she and her co-workers are currently insured either in a group or as individuals, but that they, like hundreds of thousands of other Floridians are biding their time.

She said, "We were hoping to have some of the rates out today, they haven't come out and we're just waiting for them to come out."

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