New digs at Imagine School in North Port

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NORTH PORT, FL - Last year Imagine School in North Port was in the middle of controversy after board members voted to disband from the parent organization. A year later they now have a new principal and just today students started using a new $2 million gymnasium and classrooms building.

A state of the art building inside. Gym, weightroom, and four classrooms. Every year the charter school has added on a grade. Next year will be the first senior class.

It wasn't easy though. The building was actually the beginning of big changes here. The schools board at the time said the parent organization wasn't able to help them get financing. So they did it on their own and tried to break off. After legal battles the school's principal Justin Matthews was removed.

The schools new principal Steve Black says the whole ordeal did cause more students then expected to leave."Some of them have come back. We certainly have stabilized if not grown a little. There was a drop in what was budgeted for, absolutely."

Black says the school is healthy though and bouncing back. He thinks things like the new gym will show the community they're dedicated to quality education and growing the school moving forward.

The first games will be played in the "Shark Tank" Friday night starting at 5:30.

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