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Myakka River flooding threatens neighborhoods in Venice

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Some neighborhood roads in Venice look more like rivers than streets. Hurricane Irma has caused the Myakka River to flood roadways in the same area that flooded just a few weeks ago from record amounts of rainfall.

Allen Pomerleau has lived in the River Palms section of Venice for 35 years. His home was built on higher ground, but some of his neighbors are not so lucky.

"It's a major inconvenience, some people don't go to work because they can't get to their vehicles, some do but it's a matter of changing clothes in their vehicles because you have to either walk through the water or boat to your car," said Pomerleau. "They're having to get their belongings out or they get ruined, a lot of cases they lose a lot of valuables."

The Salvation Army is doing their part to help. The South Sarasota branch just received hurricane relief supplies from Agape Flights which is being distributed to Myakka River flood victims.

"Everybody is trying their hardest to help, we know that you're affected by this and we just want to help but please be patient with us as we try to get out to help you," said Salvation Army Captain Jamie Bell. 

The Myakka River did crest at the state park but has yet to crest in areas near the neighborhoods in Venice.

"Right now it's a big nuisance for them, if it gets to the point where it affects their septic tanks then we will put port-o-potties out there again. We're there to try to take care of them and get them through it as quickly as we can," said Bell. 

Sarasota County officials tell us the Myakka River will crest in those neighborhoods Friday night or Saturday.