Bradenton Veterinary Emergency

Here at Bradenton Veterinary Emergency we provide your pet with state of the art emergency care.  We are available Nights, Holidays, and 24 hours on the weekends.

We will work hard to give your pet the best care possible when your veterinarian is not open and work closely with them when they are to see that your pet receives the best care. 

In order to make sure your veterinarian stays aware of your pet’s condition, we have the option to use the Vet Care Express transport service to transfer your pet back to your veterinarian when we close or you would, of course, be able to transport your pet yourself.

  The Vet Care Express transport to your veterinarian is free of charge to you.

Bradenton Veterinary Emergency offers a wide variety of in house testing and services for your pet. 

All of our doctors are able to perform emergency surgery if necessary.  Please visit our “Services” page to see a comprehensive list of our diagnostics and emergency services we can provide

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2910 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205

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