Luke Wood Park lift construction delay outrage

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SARASOTA - Construction of the Luke Wood Park Sewer Lift began in 2008, and 5 years later there is still no signs of an end. 

An updated timeline, provided the city, shows the final date of completion for the multi-million dollar project as Aug. 1, 2015. This despite the fact that the Luke Wood Park project is said to be about 90% complete.

Residents living close to the project say the delays have gotten out of hand.  So we did some digging to find out what's holding up the $11 million project to replace the existing lift station located on Pomelo Avenue. 

According to reports sewage from the Pomelo sight was suppose to be relocated to a new state of the art underground sanitary sewer system lift.  But, that process includes connecting pipes under the Hudson Bayou. 

One of the main issues that engineers face is installing a sewer pipe under the Hudson Bayou.  Tunneling under the waterway will be a delicate process, and is made more complicated by environmental concerns.

Coming up on ABC 7 at 6pm, you'll hear why officials say they are no closer to meeting that goal and why residents say they cant take it anymore.