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Local radio station holding turkey drive this week for Mayors' Feed the Hungry

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Many folks are showing a lot of heart.  People are donating turkeys or donating money.  Christian radio station Joy FM is holding their T-Shirts for Turkeys drive this week at select Publix locations in Sarasota County and Bradenton.  All the turkeys and all the money raised goes towards the Mayors' Feed the Hungry program.

"There are lots of families that are homeless or hungry, there are a lot of working poor and Mayors' Feed the Hungry reaches out to these people year round but especially during the holidays," said Dave Cruse, Morning Show Host for Joy FM.  "We like to do what we can to provide a good holiday meal for families who are otherwise going to go hungry."

The goal with this drive is to collect around 2000 turkeys locally and more than 15,000 turkeys between Florida and Georgia.  Some folks donated one turkey while others donated many more.  Kathy Antini is someoone who did her part.  She made a donation of two turkeys.

"If we all pitch in, everyone can have a great Thanksgiving and it's really just about helping other people," said Antini.

Helping other people is what Mayors' Feed the Hungry has been doing so well for 30 years.  In addition to the turkeys, the organization accepts a variety of foods which are distributed to thousands of families.

"The community comes together, we have over 200 volunteers that have taken out boxes, they bring them in we're collecting food from over 400 different locations," said Joel Swallow, Chairman for Mayors' Feed the Hungry.  "We'll hopefully get to 50 tons of food and we give that away free."

The Mayors' Feed the Hungry program will be going on for the rest of the week, so there's still plenty of time to help out.  Distribution of all the food will take place on Friday at Ed Smith Stadium.  For more information, you can log onto