Jacaranda extension open

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VENICE, FL - There is a new way to get around in the North Venice area today. Jacaranda Boulevard now goes all the way though to Laurel road. The multi-million dollar 1.3 mile extension runs between Boarder to Laurel road.

Thousands of new homes are still planned for the area but even for those who already live and work there the punch through is a big deal.

Despite hundreds of homes and big business making way East of the interstate, for years there has only been one way in and way out. Now if there is an issue with I-75 or Laurel road there is an alternative.

Local leaders and residents dodging rain drops and cutting the ribbon Monday morning. The roughly five and half million dollar extension paid for by impact fees they say. From safety to convenience some of those at the event say it's a sign of things to come."I've lived out here 8 years and it is finally starting to develop. Now that the recession is over there will be more homes and stores out this way," says resident Harold Dittmar.

Venice Mayor John Holic agrees that more growth is on the way. "There is going to be ground turned out here. You are going to see the entire rest of this area under development." There is actually already more than 1,500 more homes zoned and approved in what is called North Venice.

We will have the full story coming up on ABC 7 this evening.