Impact the American and US Airlines merger will have on the suncoast

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SARASOTA, FL--   The merger of American and US Airlines has created the world largest airline company.  But the move will result in both airlines having to cut multiple flights throughout the country and one of the routes in jeopardy is here at SRQ.   

The non stop fight from Sarasota International Airport to Reagan International is among the flights on the chopping black.  According to officials the airline must cut 52 flights currently landing in the nations capital. 

The Sarasota/DC flight currently has a 93% fill rate and a passenger count of  1.3 million passengers a year.  Officials are hoping the high demand of the fight will encourage airline officials to keep the route in operation.   The decision on whether the one stop SRQ-DC flight is expected to come before Christmas.  

Coming up on ABC 7 at 6 we have more on the merger and its impact to the Suncoast.