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Husband of Riverview H.S. teacher speaking out about recent handgun incident

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - When 17-year-old Riverview High School student Anthony Duncan was arrested recently for showing a handgun to a student on a school bus, that incident put some fear into students, parents and teachers at the Sarasota school. 

Dean Dougherty, not only has two children who attend the high school, but his wife Kathryn is a math teacher who works closely with some of the troubled kids in the school.  He tells us prior to the handgun incident, the brother of Anthony Duncan approached Kathryn Dougherty demanding answers about a grade that was given to a cousin who is in Dougherty's class.

"Puts his foot in Kathryn's door not allowing her to close it, threatening her several times and she is absolutely distraught," said Dougherty.  "Then he leaves and apparently goes and threatens somebody in the administration office."

Dougherty tells us his wife was especially upset because she didn't know who the student was who threatened her and she wasn't getting answers from the school even though he says there are surviellance cameras outside her classroom that captured the incident.  He says she took off from school for one day following the incident and is now back to teaching, but she is feeling a lot of anxiety.

"When she knew she had to go in this morning she doesn't know what's going to happen, these kids are still around and there still hasn't been a whole lot of support as far as the administration goes," said Dougherty.

In a statement we had received from the Sarasota County School District, they say "From the initial report to current time, there has been nothing to suggest a connection or correlation between the discipline of the student and the student who brought a gun on the bus; other than the fact that they are related.  The safety and security of all staff and students was, as always, the priority during the day of the incident."

Dougherty says he's hopeful that the Riverview High School administration and the Sarasota County School District will be more proactive in disciplining students who deserve it and better protecting teachers and students.

"Maybe a little quality control, a little support from the administration to the faculty," said Dougherty.  "Not just my wife, there are many ESE teachers out there that need that support, need that security guard outside the door."

Dougherty tells us the student who threatened his wife did receive detention.  Anthony Duncan was sent to a juvenile detention center where he's facing weapons charges.