Homeless expert studying south Sarasota County

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VENICE, Fla. - Robert Marbut has been hired by Sarasota County and local cities to come up with a way to reduce homelessness in the area. Friday he's speaking to hundreds at the Venice Community center.

Groups and local leaders from all over coming to hear his initial impressions of the area. Friday morning we were with Marbut as he toured the Center of Hope in Venice. One of the only places were homeless individuals and working poor can find help in that part of the county.

Marbut says the biggest issue facing southern region is a lack of intake facilities for children and families. "If you could have it and put it in place this weekend you need it. We have families living out of cars right now in south county tonight and have nowhere to go. That is one of the most critical needs in south county."

During the next few weeks Marbut plans on visiting in and around the area before putting together a game plan to reduce homelessness for the entire county.