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"A place for everything and every thing in it's place", that's the golden rule of an organized home.

There's also an old saying, "A cluttered home means a cluttered mind".

But getting rid of that clutter can be an overwhelming task.

But Home Organizing Consultant, Elizabeth Harrison, with Sarasota Home Organizer, can relieve you of the pain and frustration of clutter and get you organized once and for all.

Elizabeth specializes in organization for kids rooms. starting with their closets. Lindsey Renteria hired her to organize and design her ten year old son's closet.

Elizabeth says,"I explained that before we could design anything we needed to sort and purge his clothing and other items first , so that way we would know how much space was needed and what kind of space.

First, we pulled out all his clothing from his drawers and closet. We pulled out everything that he no longer wore. We separated the clothing into categories, including items that were too big and would be kept to wear in the future."

She says when organizing a kids room, you should think about things like how tall he is and how high should the hanging bars and shelves be."

She says next a hard decision has to be made. What to keep and what to get rid of.

She says a lot of times parents feel that their children have too many toys. "It's good to set limits such as one closet, one toy box, three bins, only 6 stuffed animals, etc. But within those boundaries kids should be allowed to make choices about what they want to keep, even if we don't see value in it. An old beat up stuffed animal or a collection of rocks might be more special to them than an expensive toy or game."

Another problem parents struggle with, kids art work, school photos, etc. Elizabeth advises keeping all these things organized in one file box. It makes it enjoyable to go back through over the years and enjoy memories!"


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