Design trends from High Point

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When design professionals such as Jeff and Joyce Hart say they are “going to market,” they generally don’t mean the food store. Twice a year interior designers, press, vendors and manufacturers gather for a week in High Point, North Carolina, for information exchange. It happens in October and April. The Harts have been going for more than 25 years and the choices that they make for clients, the seminars they attend, the conversations they have with furniture, carpet, lighting, and accessories designers help determine trends that will influence homeowners like you and me in the coming months.

A lot of what the Harts found intriguing and appealing to Southwest Florida consumers can be seen at Bee Ridge Lighting and Design, which is where the Harts have their design offices.

Some of the trends that Jeff and Joyce identified on their ABC-7 segment are here. But, there are plenty more that you’ll soon see represented in lighting galleries, wallpaper stores, carpet centers, even bath and linen shops. In general, they will have to do with color, style, materials and construction. Here are a few trends that the Harts know will be important.

• Gray is here to stay. The color gray – going from the palest dove gray to charcoal will be seen in wall paint, furniture colors, carpets and hard surface flooring, especially porcelain tiles that look like driftwood planks. On the paler shades of gray look for lavender undertones. Several shades of gray paired with a black and white color scheme can be oh so chic, modern and sophisticated.

• Metallics are super important as accents. Brass is back in a matte, not shiny finish. Muted gold remains popular, but the big looks are in the silvery tones both with a high sheen as well as matte. Silver, pewter, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, platinum finishes can all be mixed in a room scheme that gleams. Silvery painted furniture continues to be a wonderful accent to any room and a metallic ceiling treatment will continue to gain in popularity among homeowners.

• Oversized mirrors in ornate frames.

• Big lighting fixtures. Drum shades are coveted and chandeliers that have colorful beading. The look is going more modern than traditional. Light fixtures today function as art with a function. Go big and make a statement.

• Blanche-on-Blanche. White on white is the new look. In a room, mix several shades of white and use lots of different textures. The look can be sublime and refined.

• Furniture is trending more contemporary with curving shapes, trim lines and sleek styling.

Marsha Fottler regularly contributes to local, regional and national publications with articles on residential, commercial and restaurant design as well as food.