Technology pinpoints toddler’s seizures

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Each year more than 45-thousand children are diagnosed with epilepsy.

Two-thirds of people with epilepsy can take medicine and become seizure free, but for 3-year-old Bailey Bates medicine didn’t work.

on a ‘bad day’ she’d have hundreds of seizures.

Then doctors used a unique technology to pinpoint and treat her seizures with surgery.

Bailey has focal epilepsy and has had seizures since she was about 9-months old, on bad days there would be hundreds.

After trying a long list of epilepsy drugs and one failed brain surgery, Bailey’s parents came to Cleveland Clinic Children’s, where a unique technology called, SEEG, made the difference.

Once the probes, containing tiny electrodes, are in place, seizures are monitored for several days. results help doctors carefully pinpoint which part of the brain is causing the seizures.

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