"Chemo did not work on my cancer. I had just about given up hope of surviving when my husband convinced me to investigate a new therapy he heard about from a friend. I met Dr. Grubbs who assured me that SIR Spheres could be used to treat my cancer. After two treatments, the tumors have shrunk significantly. I now look forward to a future where I live with cancer, not die from it."

- Jan

"Dr. Grubbs and his staff have been so caring and thoughtful to both me and my husband."

- Juanita

"My Experience at your facility left me very favorably inclined toward your operation. I would like to especially express appreciation for those who do the basic chores so essential to any complex process; their cheerful and vigilant contributions make it all a positive experience."

- William

"I have been in many medical facilities and hospitals in my 82 years, but never have I been treated better that at SIR. Thank You and your entire staff is to be commended."

- Agnes